Monday, 11 November 2013

Book Proof: does font size betray confidence?

Jess:  Is that the wotzit - proof, sorta thing? It's got Tea breaks for and then nothing. For what? Fatso blonde?

RM author:  Mature women and curious men. That's only part of the cover. I haven't opened the proof copy yet. I'm still working on the description. 

Elaine: It's a relief that you're writing in a decent sized font here. Does that indicate confidence?

RM: I've always had confidence in my characters.

Pru: Thanks. But not in your book?

RM: No author should be confident nowadays with millions of books available. We're not in the 19th century where any light-hearted book was rare.

Daryl: It's not light-hearted for some of us.

Peggy: Surely, in the 19th century, a book with such a cover was totally unsuitable for the tea table or for any lady or gentleman of discernment.

Bellissima: Some of us still have discernment. People like me won't wish to read about Jess's preferences in male anatomy or Pru's uterus, let alone all those fish or Mrs W's theft of - 

 Mrs W.    Bella, pleeeeease.

Jess: Good job there are people not like you, Belle. Your story only starts with a chaise longue sort-of-life. 

Mrs W. I haven't read to the end of the book. Bella's is the last story. Is there a . . .? 

Sorry, all of you, I have to get on. There's some advance author information 

Jess:  But I wanted to hear about Elaine's pile of dosh . . .

ME-TIME TALES is a book of short stories, each with a character self-obsessed in a different way. On this blog, they discuss, critique their own and other fiction. They feel free to blame the author for any short-comings, real or imagined.

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