Thursday, 7 November 2013

Some depth to short stories

Elfreda:    Excuse me, author, I don't like to sound churlish, but I have to ask if that's all it is  - your summary of my existence in Me-Time Tales?

Peggy:      Yes. Is there nothing deeper, Rosalind Minett? No underlying current of comment in Elfreda's story? Oh, our author's disappeared. Guilty conscience? I was quite interested to read about Elfreda's feast after some sort of deprivation but in a short story I do expect there to be some POINT.

Pru:      Like those on that circle-stitched bra?  Peggy, you're always straight, but now you're sounding tart. Of course there's some point in First Feast. The underlying theme is Body Image.

       Mrs W.     How frightful! Who wants their body as an image? So glad the author chose an array of foods for Elfreda. Much prettier.

Elaine:      Speak for yourself, Mrs W.  Some have partners or followers very happy with their body and not just as an image.

Pru:          Careful, Elaine. I thought you began on this site lurking behind signs because you were avoiding your tubby hubby. Are you announcing another admirer?

Elaine:     Like Elfreda, there's more to my story than that.

Peggy:     And there's more to me than the right sort of bra.  Whoops, here comes the speed scooter.

Jess:         News!  The proof copy of Me-Time Tales has arrived. That's why our author isn't here. She's going through it with a -

Peggy:    - fine tooth-comb?

Jess:        tooth-pick.

Elaine:    nit-pick.

ME-TIME TALES - Tea breaks for mature women and curious men -  is a book of short stories, each with a character self-obsessed in a different way. 

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